Preschool Courses
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  • Số chỗ ngồi
  • Thời gian
    10 weeks
  • Cấp độ
  • Học tại
    Center II
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Preschool English (4-6 years): The ideal stage to start learning English


The program consists of 10 levels:

The duration of each course is 12 weeks, consisting of 2 lessons per week (90 minutes per session). We have carefully selected a native English-speaking teacher who is both passionate and experienced in teaching early childhood development for each class.


The content for this age level includes; vocabulary revolving around themes and concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, objects, animals etc. and basic communication skills, focused on pronunciation and vocabulary.


Teaching methods at this age can be likened to "play learning" through a variety of fun and creative activities through games and songs. The purpose of this method is to create an exciting atmosphere where students can naturally develop their language skills without feeling pressured.


Tuition fees: 4,490,000 / per course (including 36 hours in the classroom, excluding textbooks)

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