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    14 weeks
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    Base II
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I/ SPELL English Summer Program

The program is for disadvantaged students from the Central Region of Vietnam, sponsored by “East Meets West Foundation” and “Pacific Links Foundation”. This program opens yearly for 2 months, usually from June to August, for 60 poor students from many provinces around central Vietnam.

During these 2 months in the Center. The students will learn from many Foreign English teachers and join in fun and encouraging opportunities to listen and talk to business executives in Da Nang. This will broaden the students’ perspective of life and help them to communicate more confidently in the public.

The East Meets West Foundation has teamed up with Fisher’s SuperKids for the past six years. During this time we developed a good relationship of cooperation to help the community. We hope that these students can experience the love and care from our dedicated Teachers at Fisher’s SuperKids to encourage the students in completing this course confidently.


We wish to invest joy and confidence, allowing these precious students the opportunities to equip them with tools which will bring success to them later in life from the knowledge they have learned during this program.


II/ English Access Microscholarship Program

The ACCESS English Program is available to students in special circumstances. The English Access Microscholarship Program is sponsored by the Consulate General, to study English at SuperKids for 2 years.

SuperKids prides themselves to have been selected as the exclusive partner amongst many English centers for the American Consul General in Vietnam to be able to host this special English program.

In addition, Fisher's SuperKids are proud to have designed a meaningful camp program with the themes: “Youth Camp and Environment 2015” and “Innovation Youth Camp 2016” for students from various sponsored organizations.



III / English Cooperation Program at ABC high quality kindergarten Da Nang

Receiving the trust of ABC high quality kindergarten, SuperKids is proud to be the exclusive partner of this school for many years.

ABC is the largest kindergarten in Danang with the highest quality in teaching and facilities in the city.

With the goal of creating a more fun experience in the classroom through other programs such as drawing lessons, piano lessons, swimming lessons etc. English Teachers can help build students confidence through practicing English pronunciation in the student’s native childhood accent. This is the foundational period for the students, so after graduating and upgrading to a higher grade they are enabled to continue learning English with ease and confidence.

After each summer, we work with the school to enroll new students in new classes.


The convenience of this program is that children will study at their current school location, SuperKids’s Teachers will travel to ABC kindergarten to teach the students. Therefore, parents do not have to travel extra distances to take their kids to this program, making this a huge convenience.

We hope that the quality of our teaching and the suitability of SuperKids’s teacher's will give the students a lot of interesting experiences in learning English as a second language.



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