Animal Awareness Program
  • Ngày bắt đầu
  • Số chỗ ngồi
  • Thời gian
    10 weeks
  • Cấp độ
  • Học tại
    Base II
  • Giá
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Cute cats and puppies appear in the class of Fisher's SuperKids. What is this?

Are you curious? Please be open to this opportunity in the classroom initiated by some Teachers to raise awareness of animal wellbeing. During each lesson you will get to know and learn about the lovely animals. In addition, you will learn how to love and care for animals. The classroom will be more meaningful when the message of love and protection for animals is being taught. Below are some pictures of the animal awareness classes that we have held at our center.


Thank you to the foreign teachers and facilitators who helped in making the class so meaningful.

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