“I Am Confident” Course
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    “I Am Confident” Course
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    “I Am Confident” Course
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    “I Am Confident” Course
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After a month of learning in the fun new class of, “I am confident”, students are given a wide variety of useful life skill tools such as methods of using safe household items, first aid skills, fire safety instructions, smart mind mapping, team games and especially the confidence program. Which takes place in the market to raise funds to give gifts to small children affected by Agent Orange in Da Nang.

Students have successfully completed this course with passion and excitement. Superkids is pleased and encouraged by parents and students. This is a great motivation for those who work in education and for those who likes to serve students in general. Hopefully, on the way to the future, students can be more confident and brave to express themselves and welcome more opportunities in life.

On behalf of the center, we sincerely thank the parents who have shown trust, care and support during this project. They’ve selflessly devoted their time and efforts to their students throughout the course to provide students with a great deal of fun and experience.

This class is designed by the SuperKids Central Skills Department to give students more confidence in their lives and more interesting skills to help students in the future.

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