"I Deeply Understand" Course
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    "I Deeply Understand" Course
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    "I Deeply Understand" Course
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    "I Deeply Understand" Course
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The goal of the "I deeply understand" course is to help students learn valuable life lessons through inspiring students through the 6 core values which Fisher’s SuperKids upholds.


Through pursuing LOVE, CARE and RESPECT students are encouraged to reach out to others in the community who comes from less fortunate circumstances, to love their friends, to be gentle and respectful towards their parents, to get along with their siblings, to save money and time, to explore their creativity and create new initiatives to reach out to the people around them, to build team spirit and to learn about Asian cultures at ASIA park.



The focus of this course is to build student confidence and teach them how to understand the people around them better, like their parents and orphans. Through a deeper understanding of the people around us, we are able to act more sensitively, patiently and caring towards others. To meet people where they are at in life and be conscious of the lives around us.

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