Animal Awareness Program
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    Animal Awareness Program
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    Animal Awareness Program
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    Animal Awareness Program
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As part of Fisher’s SuperKids responsibility towards the community and environment - we partnered with Paws for Compassion, a registered non-profit South African organisation with a rehabilitation center in Danang. Paws for Compassion are dedicated to raising animal awareness by providing information and an education program for Vietnamese children.

Many of Fisher’s SuperKids current teachers are volunteering at Paws for Compassion to make a difference in the welfare of animals in Vietnam.
As part of the offsite program, students will have the opportunity to visit the animal rehabilitation center, interact and play with animals saved from accidents and abusive circumstances and learn more about how to properly take care of animals in the community. The program includes an educational lesson in English about;

1. Feeding, washing and nursing animals.
2. How to identify animals in the community suffering from malnutrition and abuse.
3. How to reach out to animal owners to help them take better care of their pets in a respectful and collaborative way.
4. Tips and initiatives in helping members in your community take care of their animals, for example; offer to take chained up dogs in your community for daily walks or if you see an animal on a rope or chain hurting them, buy a comfortable pet lease for the owner to use instead.

Fisher’s SuperKids are honored to partner with expatriates in our community who are working hard to make a difference in the community.

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