Summer English Program 2019
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  • Thời gian
    2 months
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Fisher's SuperKids is honored to host the Summer English Program. This annual program offers disadvantaged students from all over Central Vietnam the opportunity to study in an intensive 8-week English program with native-English foreign teachers at our center. More than 70 students from 7 central Vietnamese provinces participated.

The drive behind the program, which has been running successfully for the past 8 years, stems from our belief that “love” is not just a noun, it’s a verb and therefore we are committed to pursue love in action. Although the students came from different socio-economic backgrounds and difficult circumstances they all had one thing in common, an attitude to learn and grow. Which is well rewarded with their hard work during their studies. The program aims to improve English vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar with the goal to confidently be able to communicate in the international community, all while building character and confidence.

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