"I deeply understand" Course
  • Ngày bắt đầu
  • Số chỗ ngồi
  • Thời gian
    10 weeks
  • Cấp độ
  • Học tại
    Base II
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The goal of the "I deeply understand" class is to help students learn valuable life lessons through inspiring students with love, to share with the less fortunate,, to love their friends, to be gentle and respectful with their your parents, to get along with their brothers, to  save money and time, to play creativity and practice their intelligence,  build team spirit ... learn Asian cultures at ASIA park.

Boldly come to the classroom for the students: to love and to show affection to the people around them, to understand the struggles of the parents, to sympathize with the miserable lives. Adjust your thoughts and activities more properly.

To receive love is easy but to know how to love people - that can be a challenging task! Are you ready to experience and improve yourself with the “I deeply understand” course?
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