Kids Presentation Course
  • Ngày bắt đầu
  • Số chỗ ngồi
  • Thời gian
    10 weeks
  • Cấp độ
  • Học tại
    Base II
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"Kids Presentation Class" is a new class which opened during the summer of 2017, for 7-12 year olds. This class is designed to teach students how to confidently talk in front of groups of people. This class is especially helpful in encouraging students who are shy, timid and hesitant to speak in front of people in overcoming their difficulties.

The setup for the Kids Presentation Class is distinctively different than all the other courses at SuperKids. With the help of a dramatic stage and interesting attire the students can express themselves through facial expressions and creative dialogue. The encouragement from the teachers helps the students to do their best. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their full potential on stage to their parents, where each student will tell a different story using emotions, body language, facial expressions and dialogue. Being on such a big stage for the first time? Can you do it?

The students who joined this class during the summer did exactly that, even better than everyone expected. They confidently stepped on the stage without being shy, with big smiles they acted and delivered their lines like real performers. The audience were in awe at their children’s talent as they clapped their hands at the last scene. The children told old stories that drew their fascination and challenged their creativity. The audience enjoyed the creativity and humour in each story. We could see the parents nodding passionately and clapping in encouragement at their kids performance. The teacher said, “My children are good and the parents can be proud of them.”

Congratulations to Phu Cuong - a shy boy who always lags behind you. Yet, he is very clever, quick with comebacks and gave an excellent performance.

Congratulations to Ngoc Khanh & Khanh Linh, you both overcame the fear of speaking in front of a crowd crowd and dared to confidently assert yourself on such a big stage.

Congratulations Do Quyen, Do Khang, Hai Thanh, Phuc Thinh, Hoang Phuc - you have done very well because of your persistent efforts during recent years.

Congratulations to all!

The bright stars of SuperKids and the pride of their parents.

Always shine and grow stronger and we are looking forward in seeing the students for the next season.

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