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We have the network and framework available but we need your help, passion, time, creativity & support!


SuperKids are giving Teachers the platform to run, organize or get involved in different charity opportunities as the needs in our society persists and develops. We encourage all our Teachers to think out of the box, use their talents, gifts and time to create new ways we can give back to the community together..


Whether you are passionate about sports, pets, arts, garage sales or cleaning the beach in order to raise funds for kids who can’t afford books, helping the elderly people who don’t have family, helping the tribal people, reaching out to the mentally disabled, reaching out to small fisher villages where there is no access to education or volunteering at a Vietnamese Refugee Education Center in Cambodia - we need your passion and time to team up with SuperKids to make these events happen!


We have the resources but we need the Teachers! SuperKids organizes annual events and opportunities for charitable endeavours which you can be part of but together we have the capacity to do so much more.


The heart behind SuperKids is to give back to the community, serve & support less fortunate and orphaned children. We believe that we have a responsibility towards the people around us who does not have the same opportunities. We are visionaries working towards the future of Vietnam and individuals. We believe that the children of today is the leaders of tomorrow.


Our mission and vision is driven through education. We believe by educating students to think creatively, learn different cultures and broaden their understanding through the education of the English language we invest in their future success.


SuperKids has a lot of different organizations and opportunities available for Teachers to contribute towards. However, we can do so much more if we have more human resources available to organize charitable events or ideas on a constant basis. This is where we need the initiative and help from our Teachers. We want to encourage our Teachers to take up the responsibility in running an initiative or event. We have the capacity to support the efforts & ideas of Teachers with our broad resources and data basis of connections to specific organisations and entities of change. SuperKids can help with the admin, organizing, human resources and contribution of all our available resources to make your ideas and efforts into a reality.




Take a look at some of our current connections for charitable contributions where you can get involved in or start your own project:

  • Orphan & less fortunate students studying at SuperKids: we have a list of students attending classes for free at our centers, we also sponsor their books & stationery supplies. If you wish to help sponsor a student with their books, stationery & development we can send you the names of these students and you can meet them and get connected.

  • Home care for elderly people without families: Even though this home is sponsored by the government, they still lack a lot of funds to buy basic needs for the elderly people. In the past Teachers of SuperKids took gifts to them like rice, sugar, oil, milk, soap, toothpaste. There is a need for basic food & products. Also you can help with cooking & serving the elderly.

  • The Mentally Disabled Hospital: People tend to keep quiet about the mentally ill patients in Vietnam as it is seen as a very shameful illness. In the past Teachers from SuperKids brought gifts to the patients. There is a need for basic food & products.

  • The Tribal People in the Mountains of Vietnam: There is groups of poor tribal people living in the mountains who doesn’t have the same opportunities as the people in the cities. People tend to look down on the tribal people as they have different dialects and traditions than the majority of Vietnamese. Previously, Staff from Fisher’s went to the Tribal people in the mountains and gave them gifts which was gathered from Teachers at SuperKids like clothes, rice, mosquito nets, books & computers.

  • Education for young learners in the fisher village “Nam’O”: Fisher’s SuperKids sponsors funds for local teachers to go to this village weekly to teach young learners. This is a very poor area and they have little to no access to education. This year, 2017, during our company retreat, all the staff and teachers of SuperKids went together to the village of Nam’O to bring gifts, books, stationery, snacks and to spend time playing games with the young learners. There is a need for more funds to supply books & stationary to the children as the word has spread amongst the villagers and the number of students has increased tremendously.

  • Vietnamese Refugees in Cambodia - volunteering: SuperKids supports a small school in Cambodia who offers free education for Vietnamese Refugees living in Cambodia. We partner with them by sponsoring books & educational materials. They have a need for Teachers to come and volunteer with them for a while, they also need funds to help support the education and building close relationships with orphans and Vietnamese young people who are currently living in very difficult & life threatening situations.