Other projects

Take a look at some of our previous events/ opportunities which was organised by SuperKids Staff & Teachers. Feel free to draw some ideas from the past to create new opportunities and initiatives for the future.


Outreach to Khe Sanh Village

When Mr. Hai (Founder of FSEC) first visited the poor village of Khe Sanh, he was deeply moved to reach out to the community by reconstructing the kindergarten. The village is so poor that the children lack basic necessities and have to walk barefoot for long distances to go to school.


On the 1st of October 2018, a team from SuperKids visited the local kindergarten in the small village of Khe Sanh in Quang Tri Province, near the Laos border. FSEC together with the George and Arizona Foundation raised funds and support from teachers, staff members and from the parents of our students for the rebuilding and repainting of the kindergarten.


The team worked hard for two days to paint beautiful murals on the walls, to build a fence around the school to protect the children from animals and to build a playground area with a seesaw, swings and other equipment in order to create a fun and happy learning environment.


The support and contribution of all our staff members and parents brought so much joy and meaning to the residents of this remote village. Together with the local people we saw the kindergarten completely transformed after 18 hours of hard work. Now the kindergarten is a beautiful, warming, inviting and spacious place where children can enjoy their childhood while getting an education.


Through this outreach, we have expressed our love and shared responsibility towards the community. The opportunity to be able to reach out to the Khe Sanh Village comes from the hearts of the staff members and parents at Fisher's SuperKids.


The community expressed their gratefulness when the president of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front came to thank the efforts of our FSEC team with a special certificate of appreciation. They also promised that the local government will actively protect the work that has been done at the school and make sure that the kids are protected in the future. Clips from our work also featured on the local news station of Quang Tri Television.






We take care for the environment and always encourage new initiatives in reaching out to the community. Danang has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Local and international tourists travel from far to enjoy the scenery, white sand and blue waters tucked away next to Son Tra Mountains.


One of our teachers has noticed that sometimes the beach gets polluted by trash from visitors and gave us a great idea to come together and clean up the beach.



Outreach to Old Age Home


During Christmas season last year, the teachers and staff of Fisher’s SuperKids reached out to an elderly & disabled home. Our theme for this outreach (as directly translated from Vietnamese) was “Bring warmth into cold homes”. What made it such a remarkable outreach was the fact that it made such a big impact on our teachers and staff.

Together we helped the center with practical daily chores like cleaning toilets, manicures and pedicures, haircuts, serving food and giving gift packages made by our staff and teachers. This way of “practical serving” encouraged and blessed all the people at the care home - grandparents, parents and children.

Christmas is the season of love, through intentional serving and meeting the practical needs of people. Fisher’s SuperKids would like to thank all the parents, students and our teachers for supporting this outreach and for donating small trees as part of this outreach program. We would also like to especially thank the people from QuocBarber brand that joined us in cutting the hair of all the people at the home and helped with the manicures & pedicures.

A sincere thank you to everyone involved, we are looking forward to seeing you in all the upcoming outreach programs in 2018.






Tet cakes have been a traditional Vietnamese dish for the past thousand years. At the beginning of every Tet Holiday, Fisher’s SuperKids organises a special program for all Teachers and Staff to help bake Tet cakes at the center.

This is an exciting event for Foreign Teachers, to roll up their sleeves and learn how to make this very special cake for the first time. Joining hands with the Vietnamese Staff in the making of this dish always brings loads of laughter and fun. After a few hours of standing around the fire and finishing the final touches on the smooth and green exterior of the Tet cakes, it’s time to go out and give this special cake to the elders and the orphans in the beautiful city of Danang. The time and effort we put into the making of these cakes and then reaching out to the less fortunate in the community is such a meaningful experience for everyone involved.




This summer, teachers at Fisher's Superkids have donated their clothes, milk and notebooks to a lot of poor students in Nam O - Da Nang fishing village,


Even though the sun was hot, the teachers did not hesitate to carry a lot of gifts into the village for the children. Also transported by hands truck! The teachers sang and played games for the players. At here, the monthly Superkids also subsidizes a lot of money for 5 Vietnamese teachers to teach their children every day so that they can have higher results in school every year.


That gives you a lot of fun, great encouragement to rise up a better life. In addition, student's progress also makes the parents very happy and reassuring for them.



Reaching out to people together is an important part of SuperKids as a way to educate students about our responsibility towards the community.

These actions are derived from love as one of the core values we pursue and are manifested through stepping out and making a difference.

Since 2007, Fisher's SuperKids have created a number of meaningful programs such as donating books to the poor people and mountainous students, donating money to build TB clinics, organizing visits for students, gifts for orphans and children with disabilities, education for students on environmental sanitation, scholarships for orphans to learn English for free and other ways to help people in difficult circumstances.


In order to give children an opportunity to learn more about environmental protection, Fisher's Superkids Children's English Language Center organizes the Extra-curricular Program "For the Green-Clean Environment - Beautiful "Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Tri Phuong route. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness in protecting the environment




We are grateful for the support of our staff and teachers who all worked together to make this project a huge success. We are humbled to see the joy we could have brought to the elderly through buying the ingredients and making delicious traditional Tet cakes!

Monday (16th) Making the cakes: The staff and Teachers met at F1 and baked Tet Cakes together. Mixing ingredients, layering the mixture into banana leaves and then wrapping it tightly together with string. Prepping the fire with wood, boiling large traditional pots of water, and cooking the cakes, keeping the fire going for 12 hours to ensure cakes done on time!



Tuesday (17th) Cooling the cakes and clean up: In the morning when the cakes were cooled they were ready to be the perfect gift for the season!


Wednesday (18th) Delivering the Cakes to 18 Phan To Nursing Home: Together we left SuperKids at 9am to go to the nursing home. We handed out gifts and spent time with 26 elderly women and 35 student volunteers (who came from poor villages). After serving lunch at 10:30, we made our way back home.



We are grateful to have teachers and staff members with a heart to serve and make a difference!