Western Food

Danang Night Market


FOOD: Food Stands with a wide variety of different restaurant branches and foods. Stalls include Burgers, Vietnamese, Thai, Bakery, Desserts, Waffles, Fish & Chips & Beer Brewery.

MOOD: When you crave a western night market experience with a wide variety of stalls to choose from. Limited seating available. Best for a quick dinner with friends near the beach, tourist area. Expect to meet a lot of friendly foreigners & backpackers.

ADDRESS: 4 An Thuong 4

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/danangnightmarket/



How did the Night Market Start?


When Thao and Sakai, owners of Surf Shack and several other restaurants around Vietnam, realized the potential for quick, delicious, and convenient food - the rest just fell into place.  Selling the oh-s0-famous banh mi outside their restaurant for late night snacks and seeing how popular it was really put things in perspective for the idea of a night market in An Thuong.

“A lot of my friends want to have small businesses to let people eat good food ... [our banh mi cart] became so popular quickly, so I found out that people like those street things. So why don't we make street food together?!” -Sakai


When in Vietnam, it’s important to keep tradition alive so tourists and expats can really experience the food the way the locals do.  Why not create GOOD, CLEAN food, be SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, care for the ENVIRONMENT, and create a COMMUNITY where street food - the icon of food in Vietnam - is convenient for us?


Our mission: to bring Da Nang together to try delicious foods - local and international - in the An Thuong area to develop a community of food and beverage lovers.


Jeremy’s Kitchen


FOOD: Cafe, Bakery, Cakes, Donuts, Waffles & Comfort Food.

MOOD: When you’re craving western comfort food, donuts, cinnabons, cakes, waffles, muffins, hot chocolate, coffee etc. Modern spacious seating. Orders for designers cakes & treats available.

ADDRESS: 190 Nguyễn Công Trứ in Đà Nẵng

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/jeremyskitchenvn/?ref=br_rs

DELIVERY: 093 515 50 85



Jeremy’s Kitchen Cafe and Bakery started as a hobby and slowly grew. Jeremy came to Đà Nẵng in 2015 and started baking to fill up his free time, he had no previous experience or culinary training. People started wanting to buy what he was experimenting with, and slowly the idea for a business started to form. Jeremy quickly learned the recipe for good food is simple yet abstract... Put love in your food, insist on being proud of every ingredient you put in your food, and what you make is almost guaranteed to taste good. Over the next three years Jeremy and his team sold cakes online and slowly learned the ins and outs of baking. Everything has culminated in the opening of their first physical location here in Đà Nẵng, a sit down cafe located near the beach. With a fresh selection of donuts, cakes and various desserts, as well as tasty American influenced savory snacks, they’re bound to have something for everyone. Come visit some time, and let Jeremy’s Kitchen make your day a little sweeter!


Hannah Pub - Restaurant


FOOD: Western, Comfort Food, Breakfast, Sunday Brunch, Mexican, Vegetarian

MOOD: When you crave cheap & easy western food (bigger portions than most restaurants), famous for their Sunday lamb/ beef/ chicken roast lunch. Quick delivery. Outdoor spacious seating.

ADDRESS: 28 Ngô Thì Sĩ, Da Nang.

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/Hannah-Pub-Restaurant-334437240266639/

DELIVERY: 090 566 22 83


A famous hub amongst foreigners due to their  wide variety of Western food. What makes this place so unique is the portion sizes compared to the price. Most of the meals are enough for 2 people for the price of 1.

Happy Hearts


FOOD: Western, Breakfast, Vietnamese, Vegetarian.

MOOD: When you crave quality western food (wide variety) or coffee in a quiet and western style restaurant, they have seating available on 2 floors. Good for meetings & working online. One of the only places that makes a great cheese sandwich.

ADDRESS: 9 Ly Tu Trong Street, Danang, Vietnam

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/happyheartdanang/

DELIVERY: 0511 3888 384


Happy Heart Cafe Danang is a small place in the centre of the city with great menu of western favourites. Most of the waitstaff are hearing impaired and many previously worked at Bread Of Life Restaurant. The staff are very welcoming and there is indoor and outdoor seating with air-conditioning and excellent wifi. They serve western and Vietnamese coffees as well teas, smoothies and seasonal fruit juices.


For breakfast, choose from bagels, pancakes, omelettes, fruit and more. Salads, burgers and pizzas are available for lunch and dinner. They also have pasta dishes, a small selection of asian food and a dessert menu.




FOOD: Western, Breakfast, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Cakes, Vegetarian.

MOOD: When you crave western food or quality coffee in a typical western style cafe atmosphere. Good for meetings or working online. Close to the beach, in tourist area.

ADDRESS: 5 Hoàng Kế Viêm, Da Nang

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/namunamucafe/



Namunamu is famous for its convenient location within the An Thuong area, near the beach, western coffees, teas and milkshakes. Namunamu has 2 branches in Danang. This branch is also part of a Bed & Breakfast upstairs and has a spa.


Although a bit more pricey, Namunamu offers all types of  Western food. Including pizza’s, pasta’s and sandwiches (it just so happens to be one of the only places in Danang that can make a great Grilled Cheese).

They serve great coffee; A great recommendation would be the Frozen Coffee Shake or their variety of healthy sugarless shakes.


For more info: https://namunamu.vn


Burger Bro’s – 18 An Thuong 4


FOOD: Best Burgers in town! Vegetarian burgers.

MOOD: When you crave a unique homemade burger, beautiful seating layout and atmosphere, usually very busy. Delivery is quick and easy.

ADDRESS: 18 An Thuong 4

MENU: https://burgerbros.amebaownd.com/

DELIVERY: Near beach area: 0945576240, near center of city: 0931921231



There’s a big debate amongst foreigners about who has the best burgers in Danang between ‘Burger Bro’s’ and ‘Surf Shack’. Surf Shack is located right next to Burger Bro’s – Their Burgers are cheaper considering the fact that they include French Fries in the price, whereas Burger Bro’s does not.


They are open until 2pm and reopen again from 5pm -10pm. It can get very busy, so it’s best to go before the rush!


Tam’s Pub & Surf Shop


FOOD: Burgers, Western food

MOOD: When you crave a big portion burger, want to have a homey historical experience, you can look Tam’s pictures and have a good chat with Tam.

ADDRESS: 28 An Thuong 5, Da Nang.

DELIVERY: 090 540 69 05



Would highly recommend Tam’s surf shop - she makes excellent western food & is a wealth of knowledge on DaNang & history. Warm, friendly restaurant/rental shop on a beautiful street a few blocks from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.


Tam is a favorite under the foreign community, because when she is at the shop she is always willing to have a conversation. She was part of the war & has so many stories and historical information to share.


The Village


FOOD: beach bar, pizza, western food

MOOD: If you crave a drink or western meal next to the beach, while you can go for a dip in the ocean. Best atmosphere at sunset. Usually vibey when there is live music.

ADDRESS: A Few restaurants right of My Khe Beach library


The Village is a popular spot for Foreigners and is located right on the beach opposite the An Thuong Area. It is great restaurant to enjoy lunch or dinner by the beach. There’s bean bags “poofs”  on the beach, and sometimes live music. The Village has a cocktail bar, pizza oven and pool table, a safe parking spot and places to shower after taking a swim.


Given the location, it’s one of the more expensive restaurants.

Coconut = 80k (it costs 20k on the street)

Coco-Cola = 35k (it costs 20k at other Western Restaurants & under 10k at a convenient store)

Pizza = 175k

Pasta = 140-190k


Mini Café & Breakfast – An Thuong 6


FOOD: Best known for English Breakfast & wide variety of Western breakfast menu.

MOOD: If you crave a big portion of authentic English style breakfast, best place for early or late breakfast.

ADDRESS: Corner of An Thuong 6 & An Thuong 8

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/Mini-Cafe-Breakfast-1455478044775585/


A lot of Foreigners have agreed that this is the best place to have a western style breakfast. Mini Café calls it the “Hangover Breakfast”


Thanh Tam Coffee & Bakery

FOOD: Bakery & sandwiches.

MOOD: For a quick lunch, quiet & spacy seating for a meeting, to read a book or work online.

ADDRESS: (In An Thuong Area, 121 Phan Tu street)

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/ThanhTamCoffeeAndBakery/


Right Across Minsk Bar, near An Thuong 4 Street, Restaurant borders on Ngo Thi Sy Street. 5 mins walk from the Beach.


This Bakery is connected to the Thanh Tam’s Special Education Centre, which is a NGO providing therapeutic, educational, wellness and recreational programs to empower children and young people with disabilities. They help less fortunate, disabled and mentally ill citizens by employing and hiring them at the cafe and center.


The cafe mainly offers sandwiches and other baking goods, made from organic products. Thanh Tam has a great story and mission and the people involved have hearts of gold.


Mai, the Manager, (retired from America, is working there pro-bono, and selflessly donates her time, money and energy to Thanh Tam) leads the young crew members who come from difficult, and challenging backgrounds to do a great job running this humble little cafe with affordable food. They also grow their own organic produce and the the atmosphere inside the cafe is a great location for visitors to do some personal work.


For more info about their charitable work: http://languages.thanhtamschool.com/en/


Bread of Life


FOOD: Western favorites, breakfast, coffee shop.

MOOD: If you crave your favorite western comfort food in a western style restaurant.

ADDRESS: 04 Dong Da , Da Nang.

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/BreadofLifeDanang/

DELIVERY: 0511 356 5185




Bread of Life, which is also known as Pizza Plus, is a small western owned restaurant. The unique thing about this place is that most of the waiters, cooks and baristas are deaf, because the restaurant runs programs to support and train deaf staff.


Bread of Life was started by a lovely American couple more than 12 years ago. The new owners are trying to maintain the same level of quality and service that so many of us have grown to love. It is a relaxed place to enjoy pizza, pasta, burgers and real western style coffee. Bread of Life is now open 7 days a week.