Amanda Juray
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Amanda Juray
Hello! I'm Amanda. I'm from a small town in New Jersey in the United States. I grew up near both Philadelphia and New York, and enjoyed going to baseball games and the theatre as a child.

I graduated with a degree in English, and in my final semester of university I studied abroad in Italy, an experience which sparked my interest in languages and new cultural experiences. In 2009 I moved to Cusco, Peru in order to pursue my international interests, and received my TEFL teaching Certification. I subsequently gained experience teaching young adults at a language institute there, all the while studying Spanish and exploring the country.

In 2011 I accepted my first long-term teaching position and moved to South Korea, where I spent over two years teaching English and social studies to a range of ages and levels at a private academy. Afterwards, I traveled all over Southeast Asia. I later lived and worked in Singapore, Poland, and Australia, before finally moving here to Danang in December 2017 to join the SuperKids family. For me, the best part of teaching is seeing my students grow and learn, and knowing that I'm preparing them for success in their work and studies.