Chad Dandurand
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Chad Dandurand

Hello, my name is Chad and I'm from Oklahoma, USA.


Before I was a teacher I was a director for a non-government organization that won the human rights award in our state the first year we started and was able to impact over 25,000 students with our education program. I then decided I wanted to travel and gain more personal international experience and moved to Korea to teach English.


While In Korea, I worked with my Korean teacher and we helped low performing students go from a D grade to finishing the year with A's. We also saw students get into a top International school because of how much they had developed while being with us. My next stop was China. In China, I helped students compete against thousands of students to win an English speaking competition, be in the top 1% of students to get accepted into the university of Toronto and get accepted into a top International school in Beijing and receive a scholarship because the English level was better than the schools students.


Since I've been at SuperKids, I have been able to see many of my students increase their grades on average by at least 10-15% in just the 1st quarter since they have been with me.


What I enjoy most about being a teacher is knowing that these students are the next CEO's, the next top doctors, the next leaders of our world and I have an opportunity to not only teach them a subject, but also instill values within them that will help mold and shape them into positive world shapers and changers for the next generation.