Richard McCann
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Richard McCann

Hello! My name's Richard McCann and I come from Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom (it's just north-west of London in the countryside). I'm 29 years old, and I grew up in a small quiet village surrounded by fields, forests and hills, and went to university at Buckinghamshire New University in the town of High Wycombe. I studied 2 years in Uniformed Public Services before doing a 3 year BSc in Police Studies with Criminal Investigation. As you may have guessed, my dream job as a boy was to be a police officer!


After graduating from university, I worked as a police officer for 3 years, but my health condition (type 1 diabetes) prevented me from continuing in this career. I love learning about new things; science, law, asking 'why?' with everything I don't understand. It is this personality trait that convinced me to become a teacher! I want to inspire my students to ask 'why?' with everything they come across and don't fully understand. I also spent 3 years fixing and repairing narrow boats in my hometown on the weekends! I like to believe "If it doesn't work, fix it. If you can't fix it, ask for help"!


I have been teaching English since August 2012; I taught in Public Primary Schools in Hanoi for 3.5 years, and I taught adults and business English in North Italy for 1 year. Now, I am with Fisher’s SuperKids, and have been teaching here since June 2017.