Shawn Amirault
Shawn Amirault

My name is Shawn Amirault and I was born and raised in the countryside of Nova Scotia, Canada. Since the year 2002 I have been living in Asia as an English Teacher with the last 5 years in Vietnam. Living in Vietnam has been one of the greatest choices I have ever made in my life. I don't just live in Vietnam, Vietnam also lives in my heart. Therefore, it is my humble ambition to give something back to your country by providing happiness and education to your children.  


I have many passions in my personal life such as motorbike travel, swimming, playing guitar, hockey, walking my dog and making people laugh and smile to name but a few. I am a very active person with a thirst for knowledge as well as bringing into my environments doses of quality and happiness.


I absolutely love implanting fun and happiness in children so that they have an internal and voluntary desire to come to my classroom to learn in an environment of joy. I absolutely love spreading positive energy. I have discovered in my 15 years of teaching language that children learn naturally without even knowing they are studying when they are in a fun and loving environment. My ultimate goal is to have children be able to use the language spontaneously in multiple settings outside of the classroom and book, It is my intention to lay the foundations so that one day your child will naturally and confidently use English in real life. As we all know English is an invaluable skill for today's world. I can promise you that I will make a sincere effort to instill this skill into your children's budding repertoires.