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Professional development
Professional development

At Fisher’s SuperKids English Center we are committed to the professional growth of teachers, because being a teacher is more than teaching a language to non-native learners. Teachers will also experience professional growth and have the opportunity to reach their personal goals.

Through teaching English, a teacher also educate students about confidence, character, respect, kindness, values and life lessons. Teachers play a vital role in the holistic learning experience of their students and therefore we offer continual professional support for teachers during their career at SuperKids.

Our goal for teachers are to truly find job satisfaction and meaning, we do this by enabling teachers to make a lifelong difference in the lives of their students and community.

We believe that each teacher has a unique set of skills that they can contribute to our team. Besides the professional investments we make towards teachers, we offer a platform for teachers to contribute to the school as well. We encourage teachers to bring their specialities and interests to the school, through academic ideas, sport programs, drama classes or charitable projects.

Professional Development will include:

  • Teacher Orientation.

  • Mentor Teachers and/or peer observation and coaching. Participation in a network of teachers formed specifically for the professional development of teachers.

  • Workshops, e.g. on subject matter or methods and/or other education-related topics.

  • Teacher Sharing Meetings at which teachers and/or researchers present their research results and discuss education problems.

  • Class Observations  in preparation for a Quarterly Review with the purpose of building up and edifying each teacher individualistically.

1. Teacher Orientation:

During the first week at Fisher’s SuperKids, teachers will receive personal support when settling into a Danang. The first week of orientation will include;

  • Meeting the managers at SuperKids for a welcome meeting, sorting out all documentation/ paperwork, visa and work permit procedures to ensure that a teacher can work and live in Vietnam 100% legally with peace of mind.

  • Professional academic training by the Student Experience Manager and the Mentor Teachers with regards to the curriculum and resources available for teachers to use during the year.

  • One-on-one lesson planning training and in-classroom support with a mentor teacher.

  • The new teacher will observe classes.

  • Meeting with the Vietnamese department for in-classroom support from a Vietnamese Teacher Assistant.

2. Mentor Teacher

Mentoring and/or peer observation and coaching, is a part of a formal school arrangement. Our most experienced teachers will act as a Mentor Teacher to teachers. The role of a mentor teacher is to gather activity and game ideas from all teachers to help fellow teachers stay relevant, fresh and creative in their lesson plans. They participate in a network of teachers formed specifically for the professional development of teachers.

Mentor teachers are also current teachers at SuperKids, meaning that they understand the realistic expectations and experiences of teachers. They will work alongside teachers to contribute in the personal professional growth. They are available to observe classes, co-teach with new teachers, meet teachers inside and outside of working hours to discuss new and fresh ideas, design exciting lesson plans and help teachers manage their individual student needs. Mentor Teachers are responsible for getting all the new teachers ready for a teacher’s first Quarter Review.

3. Workshops

The academic department hosts monthly/ quarterly workshops on subject matters or methods and/or other education-related topics.

Workshops include;

  • Oxford University Press Workshop: Guest speakers from Oxford University Press visits SuperKids twice a year to present a workshop related to new methodologies and ideas.

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop: A workshop aimed to learn more about effective communication skills when working with different cultures, which will help teachers with their current working relationships at SuperKids, but also with their life in the international community.

  • Macmillan Workshops are also advertised and highly recommended for our teachers even though they are off-campus.

4. Teacher Sharing Meetings

Teacher sharing meetings is a time where teachers get together to share experiences, ideas and projects in their classes which will benefit all teachers working in all age levels. Teachers discuss current educational needs from their students and curriculum.