Community programs

Baking Tet Cakes

Thứ hai,26/06/2017

Tet cakes have been a traditional Vietnamese dish for the past thousand years. At the beginning of every Tet Holiday, Fisher’s SuperKids organises a special program for all Teachers and Staff to help bake Tet cakes at the center.


This is an exciting event for Foreign Teachers, to roll up their sleeves and learn how to make this very special cake for the first time. Joining hands with the Vietnamese Staff in the making of this dish always brings loads of laughter and fun. After a few hours of standing around the fire and finishing the final touches on the smooth and green exterior of the Tet cakes, it’s time to go out and give this special cake to the elders and the orphans in the beautiful city of Danang. The time and effort we put into the making of these cakes and then reaching out to the less fortunate in the community is such a meaningful experience for everyone involved.


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