A Real Traditional Tết

Chủ nhật,11/02/2018

After another successful year of hard work and dedication from our teachers and staff, we ended the year with
a special traditional TET celebration in honor of the new year and and new beginnings at Fisher’s SuperKids.
Our teachers got the opportunity to wear traditional Vietnamese clothes, Áo Dài, (which they had measured
and made or rented) which they truly enjoyed.
We played many interesting team building games during this get together with all staff. The stunning traditional
dresses of our teachers, combined with the wide variety of traditional dishes, like bean cake, made such a fun
atmosphere at the the “5 Loaves and 2 Fish” Restaurant.
We are privileged at Fisher’s SuperKids to not only have excellent teachers, who care for the education and
future of their students, but to have teachers who are charming, beautiful - inside and out and quite talented in
unexpected ways. We saw some raw talent during the traditional Tet games.
We hope that this new year will bring happiness and blessings to each family at Fisher’s SuperKids.
Chuc Mung Nam Moi!
Happy New Year!


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