Charity Outreach to Khe Sanh Village

Thứ sáu,05/10/2018


When Mr. Hai (Founder of FSEC) first visited the poor village of Khe Sanh, he was deeply moved to reach out to the community by reconstructing the kindergarten. The village is so poor that the children lack basic necessities and have to walk barefoot for long distances to go to school.


On the 1st of October a team from SuperKids visited the local kindergarten in the small village of Khe Sanh in Quang Tri Province, near the Laos border. FSEC together with the George and Arizona Foundation raised funds and support from teachers, staff members and from the parents of our students for the rebuilding and repainting of the kindergarten.


The team worked hard for two days to paint beautiful murals on the walls, to build a fence around the school to protect the children from animals and to build a playground area with a seesaw, swings and other equipment in order to create a fun and happy learning environment.


The support and contribution of all our staff members and parents brought so much joy and meaning to the residents of this remote village. Together with the local people we saw the kindergarten completely transformed after 18 hours of hard work. Now the kindergarten is a beautiful, warming, inviting and spacious place where children can enjoy their childhood while getting an education.


Through this outreach, we have expressed our love and shared responsibility towards the community. The opportunity to be able to reach out to the Khe Sanh Village comes from the hearts of the staff members and parents at Fisher's SuperKids.


The community expressed their gratefulness when the president of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front came to thank the efforts of our FSEC team with a special certificate of appreciation. They also promised that the local government will actively protect the work that has been done at the school and make sure that the kids are protected in the future. Clips from our work also featured on the local news station of Quang Tri Television.


We are looking forward for teachers and staff members to join FSEC in our next outreach.





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