Charity program - Christmas 2017

Thứ bảy,06/01/2018

"Love" and "Giving" are two of the core values at Fisher's SuperKids. These values are at the heart of all organised events for teachers, staff and students.

During Christmas season last year, the teachers and staff of Fisher’s SuperKids reached out to an elderly & disabled home. Our theme for this outreach (as directly translated from Vietnamese) was “Bring warmth into cold homes”. What made it such a remarkable outreach was the fact that it made such a big impact on our teachers and staff.

Together we helped the center with practical daily chores like cleaning toilets, manicures and pedicures, haircuts, serving food and giving gift packages made by our staff and teachers. This way of “practical serving” encouraged and blessed all the people at the care home - grandparents, parents and children.

Christmas is the season of love, through intentional serving and meeting the practical needs of people. Fisher’s SuperKids would like to thank all the parents, students and our teachers for supporting this outreach and for donating small trees as part of this outreach program. We would also like to especially thank the people from QuocBarber brand that joined us in cutting the hair of all the people at the home and helped with the manicures & pedicures.

A sincere thank you to everyone involved, we are looking forward to seeing you in all the upcoming outreach programs in 2018.


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