Sharing of Tet Cakes

Chủ nhật,11/02/2018

Every year we all come together as a family at Fisher’s SuperKids to bake traditional Vietnamese TET cakes
which is famously known during TET New Year. This is a special time for the staff to come together and for our
Foreign Teachers to take part in a special and unique Vietnamese tradition.

TET New Year’s Day is the most important holiday in Vietnam. When Spring starts to arrive it is a time
of renewal and new beginnings for all Vietnamese people. This is a time of rest, spending time with family and
loved ones and cleaning out their houses and businesses for the upcoming year.

SuperKids usually decorates all centers for TET, to create a traditional and refreshing atmosphere for
our staff and our students. On top of that we organise a special program where teachers and staff cook TET
caked together in the center. We cook the cakes in a fire bin right outside the center. This is such a fun
experience for our expat teachers.


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