Superkids Retreat 2017

Thứ tư,14/06/2017


As we began with the new training program, implementing new teaching methods, classroom managements skills, developing a new curriculum, partaking in professional development for our Foreign Teachers and implementing new programs for our homeroom Teachers, ensuring a fun learning atmosphere for our students in the coming weeks. While the sanitation department was hard at work cleaning and replacing utensils at the center to ensure the classroom is clean and fresh.


At the end of this busy week, we had our annual Retreat for all Staff Members. A Retreat means “to withdraw and take a rest,” to prepare for a new season of growth and development in our work.


At the Retreat, Teacher’s and Staff had a lot of fun together, visiting a waterpark, having lunch & dinner together. This made the Fisher’s family grow closer together. If the Teacher’s and Staff can work together in trust and harmony, the students will have a positive learning environment. Our end goal is always to ensure the best possible learning environment and opportunities for our students.

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