Thanksgiving 2017

Thứ sáu,24/11/2017

Fisher's SuperKids Center announced a special competition for our students and staff to celebrate the festivities of Thanksgiving. This was aimed to educate students regarding this special holiday.

We received participation from a lot of students, families and parents even participated with their children making it a fun and memorable time. The idea of the competition was for students and parents to create a unique scene in the lobby of Fisher’s SuperKids with the Thanksgiving decorations provided. The students and parents then had to take a picture and share it on Facebook. The photo with the most shares and likes won a traditional cooked turkey.

The winner of this grand prize was HUYNH DANG KHOI - ALEX on Facebook, THAO VUI posted his photo and got a total of 1044 likes, comments and shares.

That afternoon, representatives of Fisher's SuperKids visited Alex's home to deliver the specially cooked turkey.



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