Leadership team

I/ Mrs. Le Thi Hoa Xuan - Operation Director



My name is Le Thi Hoa Xuan, Operation Director and Branch Manager at the main branch of Fisher’s Superkids English Center, located at 74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.

My responsibilities include managing all activities at the main branch, leading the Human Resources Department, and the Finance and Accounting Department. I graduated from the University of Science in Hue city with a BA degree in English.

In 2006, when Fisher's SuperKids was founded, I was one of the center's first Vietnamese partners. Since then, I have been honored to serve in various positions within the company. Due to the professional and friendly working environment which feels like a close-knit family, my love and passion for my work have enabled me to develop strong professional and personal skills throughout the past 15 years.

With our mission in "Building up world citizens," SuperKids is dedicated to building and developin a high-quality teaching system and creating a learning environment that will enhance students' comprehensive development. Beyond learning the English language, students are nurtured based on their unique personalities with the goal of building interpersonal and life skills, as well as confidence, because we believe that this is essential stepping stones for their future success.

SuperKids constantly strives to provide a professional and friendly working environment so that our Vietnamese Staff and Foreign Teachers can maximize the impact they can make in the lives of our students. We believe that if our staff members are well-cared for personally and professionally, this will enable them to give their best for our students.

I feel extremely honored to be able to contribute to the development, mission, and vision of SuperKids. I love the values and personal care that SuperKids promotes within the company culture on a daily basis. I enjoy working with foreign teachers from all around the world and learning more about their unique cultures. These, and many more, are some of the reasons why I've been part of SuperKids for over 15 years, and I am excited for what the future holds as we reach greater heights in the field of education. 



II/ Mr.Nguyen Duc Truyen - Operation Director

I’ve worked at Fisher’s SuperKids for the past 8 years, where I’ve had the opportunity to use my artistic skills by designing all of the creative layouts in all four centers. It’s a blessing to be able to serve the students and staff members through my artistic work. These artistic expressions which you’ll experience from the moment you step into the center until you step into the classroom adds value to the overall learning experience of our students.


As part or the Board of Directors I serve as an advisor to many departments, including student enrollment, Vietnamese Teaching Assistants and the Life-Skills department marketing. I am also responsible for designs, IT and Website maintenance as well as working closely with our partner center, Global Art.


I had the opportunity to study at the University of Art and hold certifications in Marketing, Operation Directing, Corporate Governance, Pedagogical Teaching and Psychology.


III/ Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang - Academic Manager

I have been working in the field of education, specializing in English language training, since 2002. I have always believed that education is my true calling, as I've found a deep passion, love, and purpose in pursuing this career path. 

Over the course of time, I've had the privilege to operate in various roles, from being a classroom teacher, acting in managerial positions, and training teachers and staff members. My vast range of experiences have equipped me to understand the needs of instructors, learners, employees, managers, and leaders. I am honored to be in a position where I can use my expertise to enrich and edify all the members in our team, in order that we can build up world citizens in the classroom.

It is my pleasure to be part of Fisher's SuperKids English Center. I am proud of the values which we intentionally promote and encourage in all our students' lives. Our core values reach beyond teaching the English language, they focus on character building, personal development, love, and charity. 

Join the SuperKids family today on our journey in building up world citizens!



IV/ Mrs. Do Thi Kim Ngan - Branch Manager (F2)

My name is Do Thi Kim Ngan, Branch Manager at the second branch  of Fisher’s Superkids English Center, located at 453 Dien Bien Phu street. 

My responsibilities include managing all activities at the second branch and leading the Advice and Enrollment Department.

Being one of the first program advisors of Fisher’s Superkids, I have been honored and lucky to be a young member of Fisher’s family throughout the past 6 years. I would love to bring up the heart for teaching and our values to all the students and parents.

I couldn’t be happier spending my youth for a deserved place like Fisher’s Superkids and contributing to our beloved students’ future. That motivates me a lot and we will try our best in 2020!



V/ Mrs.Huynh Thi Thao Uyen - Deputy Branch Manager (F1)


My name is Uyen Huynh. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Foreign Languages in Da Nang with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Currently, I serve as the Deputy Branch Manager of Fisher's Superkids English Center (FSEC), located at 74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.

It has been my honor to have been part of FSEC since 2015, where I've gained lifelong skills and experience through serving in various roles. Working in such a professional, loving and friendly environment, alongside visionaries and leaders, has challenged and shaped me into being able to contribute to the next generation of leaders. FSEC has a deep love and care towards their staff and students that goes beyond education.

It would be my privilege to continue this journey as part of the FSEC family, as we continue to reach new heights in bringing international standard education and development to the young leaders of tomorrow - building Global Citizens!  

Thank you!


VI/ Mr.Richard McCann - Training Manager (F1)


My name is Richard McCann, and I have been the Training Manager at Fisher’s Superkids English Centre in Da Nang, Vietnam since April 2019. Before that, I was an English Teacher and Mentor at FSEC.


My current roles at FSEC involve the continuous training of all our teachers, as well as working with our HR department and Application department to interview and hire the very best teachers, not just in teaching ability and methodology, but in character, personal and work ethics too. 


The thing that brings me the most joy out of being a member of the FSEC family is that because we treat each other like one big family, our students end up reflecting as our children. Watching them grow in not just height and weight, but character and confidence, in soft skills and emotional strength, makes this job all worthwhile. Knowing that everything we do here at FSEC, all the decisions and changes we introduce, is ultimately for the children, our students, keeps me looking forward to going to work each day.