Leadership team

I. Mrs. Le Thi Hoa Xuan - Branch Manager - F1


My name is Mrs. Xuan (Le Thi Hoa Xuan), Branch Manager of Fisher's SuperKids Academy’s first branch (74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street).

I graduated with a BA degree in English from Hue University of Science, Vietnam. I am honored to have been the very first Teaching Assistant at Fisher’s SuperKids Academy when we opened our first class on February 14th, 2006. 

With our mission in "Building Up World Citizens", we are guiding students toward adopting positive behaviors through “Practical Actions”, forming “Good Habits”, developing “Essential Skills”, and raising up “Beautiful Souls”. 

The values which we teach throughout our programs are LEARN, PLAY, DEVELOP, CARE, RESPECT and LOVE.

Together with the Fisher’s SuperKids’ Management Board, we are consistently dedicated to building and developing a professional teaching environment, a place which will have a positive impact on the development of students. We also desire to shape the personalities of our students, to build self-confidence and teach life skills as these steps are important and necessary for their future success.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of Fisher’s SuperKids. I love this professional, friendly, dedicated, and meaningful working environment, which has given me the opportunity to learn, develop myself, and work with foreign teachers from different cultures. All these are the reasons why I’ve dedicated myself to Fisher’s SuperKids for the past 17 years. With the high-quality educational programs we offer at Fisher’s SuperKids, I believe that all my dear students will achieve great success in their futures.



II. Ms. Quach Bao Han - Branch Manager F2


With over 10 years of dedication to Fisher’s SuperKids, I’ve had the privilege to experience many different roles which have further shaped my passion for this career. I’m responsible for the overall operation and management of staff and teachers at Fisher’s SuperKids Academy’s second branch.

I believe that the commitment, love, and personal care given by all our teachers will give parents peace of mind when entrusting us with their children’s education. The students will experience a safe and supportive learning environment in accordance with the 6 core values which Fisher’s SuperKids has affirmed.

The satisfaction of parents has been a huge encouragement for me and all the teachers at Fisher’s SuperKids. 

We will continue to create and enhance practical, meaningful and valuable experiences for all our students.



III. Mrs. Huynh Thi Thao Uyen - Branch Manager F3


My name is Mrs. Uyen (Huynh Thi Thao Uyen), I graduated with a BA degree in English from the University of Foreign Languages in Danang. I’m the Branch Manager of Fisher’s SuperKids Academy’s third branch (61 2/9 street).

I have been with Fisher's SuperKids Academy since 2015. After many years in different positions and roles, I feel very honored and fortunate to be able to experience, develop and challenge myself in this professional and friendly environment alongside leaders and colleagues. I have a deep love and appreciation for the SuperKids family. 

It’s my privilege to devote myself to the further development of Fisher’s SuperKids Academy and to ensure a safe and world class educational environment for my students.



IV. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang - Academic Manager


As someone who has worked in the education field (specializing in academic English) for the past 21 years (since 2002), I’ve always believed that I’m someone with a deep rooted passion for education. During my time at Fisher’s SuperKids Academy, I have experienced many different roles; working behind the scenes, training, managing and teaching. Therefore, I understand the desire of teachers, learners, employees, managers, and leaders. From those experiences, I believe I can bring value to our society and to the English training profession.

It is my honor to be part of Fisher's SuperKids Academy, to build on top of the  values which the founders of SuperKids have put so much effort into building and developing. Our core values are not only pursued through our English programs, but also through the development of students’ individual personalities by promoting an environment of love and sharing.

Come to Fisher's SuperKids to learn, feel, grow, and become global citizens.




V. Mrs. Huynh Thi Diem Hong - Accounting and Finance Manager


During the journey of my career, investing my time in Fisher's SuperKids Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I am proud to dedicate myself as the manager of the Finance and Accounting Department.

The staff in the Finance and Accounting Department are proud to contribute to our mission of building and developing Fisher's SuperKids Academy. Over the years, together  we overcame difficulties and challenges, and witnessed the expansion of our facilities which became more spacious and modern. In a short period of time, our training programs have developed into strong and sustainable systems. The lives of teachers and staff are constantly being improved and enhanced.

Over the years, many staff of the Accounting and Finance Department have held important positions with big responsibilities, which has given us a lot of personal development and growth.  The Accounting and Finance Department is determined to develop modern financial plans to guide the company towards successful business. We’re dedicated to continually enhancing the training of our diverse team of qualified professionals, who are steadfast in their commitment and creative in their work. 

We promote learning, research, and mastery of the State's regulations on financial management. Therefore, we strive to implement policies and procedures to effectively advise and guide Fisher’s SuperKids into a prosperous future for our students and staff. It’s for these reasons that parents can feel secure to entrust their children’s futures at Fisher’s SuperKids Academy. 




VI. Mrs. Pham Thi Quynh Trang - Human Resources Manager


I’m Pham Thi Quynh Trang (QT), Manager of the Human Resource Department.  I’ve been part of Fisher’s SuperKids Academy for more than 10 years. 

I believe that a successful team needs a strong spirit of unity. Therefore, we strive to prioritize the experience and interest of every individual staff member when they have chosen Fisher’s SuperKids Academy to be their second home.

Together with my colleagues we are dedicated to building a team of qualified and like-minded teachers and staff. We believe that with everyone's constant efforts and passion for what we pursue, Fisher's SuperKids Academy will be a place where children can be loved and developed holistically.




VII. Mrs. Do Thi Kim Ngan - Branding Manager


I’m Mrs. Ngan (Do Thi Kim Ngan), Branding Manager of Fisher’s SuperKids Academy.

As one of the first enrollment counselors at Fisher's SuperKids, after 9 years of dedicated work, I feel very honored and fortunate to be a young member of the SuperKids family, with the mission of conveying our passion for education, alongside the values of SuperKids to all parents and students.There is nothing more joyful than being able to spend your youth in a meaningful place and having the opportunity to play a small part in the future of young learners. This has always been the motivation for me and the SuperKids family to work harder and give our utmost best.