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I am Hoang Ngoc Dang Khoa's (Tommy) mother - a longtime student of Fisher's Superkids English Center. Tommy has learned at the center for over 5 years since he was in grade 1. In the past 3 years, Tommy has participated in many English competitions and reached high awards in several contests such as IOE, Toefl Primary English Champion within the region of the district and the city. In the last 5th-grade year, Tommy won City IOE English Contest, and then had the opportunity to attend the National IOE English League, also won the silver award for telling historical stories and fables in English by the county level. Tommy after that won the 4th prize City Toefl Primary. He is the most outstanding students out of Tran Van On Primary School, Danang city. We'd like to share this video of announcing his achievements https: // and the sharing of Tommy after receiving the awards in English


Tommy has the ability to speak and listen to English very fluently, plus proper pronunciation. And more importantly, he became more confident in communication and ways of behaving. A friend of mine from Canada, recently has talked to Tommy, she commented as follows: "Tommy's English is excellent. He speaks fluently and without an accent almost. He understands conversations and has a large vocabulary easily. I was extremely impressed with his English ability."


As a parent, I'm really proud of his progress and I'm very pleased to trust and choose Fisher's Superkids for my son, where he can learn better English and many life skills. I am completely satisfied with the qualified and dedicated teaching staff of the center. They are always enthusiastic and have attractive teaching methods. Moreover, he has a passion for English, practicing hard every day under the encouragement and support of parents. All those factors made me feel very happy as I knew that I chose the right place to help my son study English efficiently. By the way, I'd like to thank Mr. Hai - director of the center as well as teachers and teaching assistants for their support and I'm sure to let my son continue studying English at Fisher's Superkids in the coming time.



Hoang Ngoc Dang Khoa - Tommy's Parent

Hoang Ngoc Tung

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