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At Fisher’s, we offer a combination of good wages and opportunities for charitable work in order for our teachers to make lifelong differences in the lives of many children, while enjoying a new, and wonderful life here in Danang.  


If you are looking for a travelling experience that combines job satisfaction, professional growth, cultural understanding, as well as a unique sense of fulfillment, all in the beautiful, beach side paradise of Danang-Vietnam; Fisher’s might be the place for you. We are now making part-time teaching positions available.


Fisher’s SuperKids is the most established and reputable English center in Danang with over 1900 students between 4-17 years old. Learning, having fun, growing, care, respect and love are what we thrive to bring to this special environment. These are factors which make us different from many other schools in Vietnam as well.


With features such: as small classes, well-equipped classrooms, motivated students as well as fun outside of work, we strive to ensure that our teachers enjoy teaching with us. We are only 10 minutes away from one of the best beaches in the world, and are conveniently located near several heritage sites, all filled with potential cultural experiences and adventures for you to explore.    


Fisher’s Superkids is a place where you can make a real difference, and by joining us you can provide many students with quality education, happiness, love, personal growth, and a positive environmental influence that goes above and beyond teaching English. We make this possible through a variety of extracurricular activities such as field trips, summer camps and events that we host all year round.


Whether you are experienced or new to teaching ESL, there's always room and opportunities for you to grow professionally. A big part of our mission,here at Fisher’s SuperKids, is to help and reach out to orphaned and underprivileged children, as we believe that each and every staff member has something meaningful and significant to contribute. We hand out scholarships in order to improve the lives of the less fortunate through English programs, all the way to Cambodia.



Email your CV, cover letter, Passport photo and documents mentioned below to   
Feel free to let us know if you want to talk to us before you apply.



- Bachelor’s degree

- TESOL certificate or equivalent

- Clean criminal background check

- In your email please be sure to include a cover letter, resume, and two letters of recommendation.



- We offer a unique working environment which will help you grow professionally as a teacher and feel satisfied as you see the impacts of your teaching.

- We provide a great deal of logistical, professional, and personal support for teachers.

- We cover the costs and take care of the process of applying for work visas and work permits (However, the costs of getting your paperwork ready to submit for the application is covered by you, and any “leg-work” of taking your documents to your embassy in order to be authenticated/notarized is your responsibility.)

- We pay teachers above the average wage for the Central Region of Vietnam, with our teachers making more than enough to live on and put away savings as well.

- We are the most reputable school in English programs for children in central Vietnam.

- The management team has a combined 30 years of experience in teaching English as a second language and can provide a lot of professional support for teachers.

- We care a lot about our students and place a great emphasis on developing good character and confidence for our students as well. This is one reason why the US State Department and Consulate General chose us to implement the special program for underprivileged Vietnamese students.

- We strive to be professional while maintaining a very supportive and friendly work environment.

- We provide the best support system with the smallest class size.

- We provide opportunities for teachers to make a difference in the students’ lives and help them become successful, as well as opportunities for charity work.

- We are committed to fulfilling contractual terms and are truthful in dealing with teachers, parents, and students.

- We provide professional development support and training as well as teacher and staff retreats.

- We provide personal support and opportunities for fun and relaxation.

- We care about the quality of our work, are honest and legal in everything we do. This will give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy work and life.

- Whether you have taught before or are new to the field, you will finish strong with much more teaching experience under your belt.


Danang is quickly becoming the destination of choice for tourists, expats, and locals alike. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam, and it manages to mix the feel of a lazy beach town with a quickly growing, modern city. Within the last few years it has experienced an explosion of growth, opening many Western style shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, and other entertainment venues.


However, it still manages to stay true to its Vietnamese culture with its slower pace of life and ease of access to beautiful secluded beaches, mountains, rivers, and nature. Just driving 10-20 minutes will take you out the city to be in the middle of pristine nature. Danang’s central location also allows many travel opportunities all over Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and the international airport makes traveling much easier. So whether you prefer the excitement of the city or the seclusion of nature, Danang is a wonderful place to live.


A little bit more about us in action:


About Danang – The most talked about place in Vietnam at the moment



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Here is what some of our teachers and staff members has to say about Fisher’s:


“My name is Bronwyn. I am from South Africa and have called Da Nang, Vietnam my home since May 2016. I studied a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education (specializing in learners from birth to 9 years old). I am also TEFL certified.


I have been working at Fisher's since July 2016 and I am so happy to have found an English Centre that has a deep love and care for the students and their growth. Fisher's SuperKids is more than an English Centre, it is like a specialized school environment. Moving from South Africa this was the most important aspect for me when applying at schools. Due to the great environment my passion for teaching and love for the learners continues to grow daily. I love the structure and support which Fisher’s provides to all Teachers. The Academic team assists each teacher with material, ideas and classroom management. The constant support and professionalism makes Fisher’s a dream job for any person who has a teacher’s heart.



“I have been volunteering at Fisher’s SuperKids for 3 months now, mainly helping with the cross-cultural communication between the foreign Teachers and the Vietnamese Staff through HR. I love working with the managers at Fisher’s because they truly have a heart for teachers and a heart for students. My experience in Vietnam is that most schools and centers are doing it for the money and care very little for the well –being and growth of their Teachers and students.


Fisher’s expects a high level of commitment from Teachers for the reason that they are highly committed to the teachers, they invest a lot of resources, time and care in every teacher both personally and professionally. Most of our teachers say that they’ve never experienced this much care and love from any other center in Vietnam.


The heart behind my work is driven by the love I have for Jesus, He has over poured His love into my heart to be able to serve teachers and bring His love into the workplace. Fisher’s provides the perfect atmosphere in which I can operate to serve, invest and witness. I am able to freely speak about Jesus and pray for people inside Fisher’s – which is much more difficult and limited to do outside of Fisher’s.


Fisher’s is not a Christian school, because legally they cannot be, but they do create the atmosphere in which people can reach out to others in love and service. The harvest is plenty but the harvesters are few. Most Foreign teachers is doing it for the experience and opportunity; they want to learn the culture and are open to different religions. Everyone is searching for something. This is such a perfect opportunity to reach out, walk the extra mile, spend time with them, pray and make sure we make an eternal impact in their lives while they are with us. God is doing amazing things in the lives of people at Fisher’s which I had the privilege to witness first hand.


The owners of SuperKids, Mr. Hai & Teresa are both Christian, they have 5 beautiful children who are also radically witnessing the love of Christ to people in Danang.

It’s rare to find a place which makes it so easy to see and share in the love, growth and care in a restricted country like Vietnam.”

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