Life Skills Course
  • Ngày bắt đầu
  • Số chỗ ngồi
  • Thời gian
    10 weeks
  • Cấp độ
  • Học tại
    Center II
  • Giá
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After each English course (3 months), Fisher's SuperKids also offers free life skills and extracurricular lessons to help students have more fun and equip them with the skills they need in daily life, such as self-confidence.

The end-of-course life skills program is for all students attending SuperKids on a progressive scale ranging from easy to more challenging. They are taught life skills based on morals, lifestyle and the mind. This method of teaching is through hands on exercises that gives them flexibility, closeness, caring and sharing with the people around them.

These life skills classes and extracurricular programs are designed for students at all levels, free of charge at the end of all courses, in order to add more fun and excitement to their learning experience.

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