Usa summer camp

The Vietnamese-American Cultural Exchange Program is one of the special annual SuperKids events. The program is held every year in June for 10 to 15 students aged 10 years and older who have attended SuperKids for 3 consecutive years or more. The program gives students the opportunity to explore the diverse cultures in the United States of America.


The Students can exchange and make new friends through museum tours, parks, amusement parks, schools and many other places in America. The students will be living with American families in order to have a better understanding of the American culture, lifestyle, family placement, and how they interact with each other. The students will create unforgettable memories and experiences in the country known as the “American dream (the life of prosperity)”.


The program will leave the students with many emotions and will certainly remain in their memories forever as a modern, prosperous, diverse civilized, polite and friendly country.


SuperKids always wants to bring the most interesting and useful experiences for our students to lay the foundations for each individual’s journey to study further in the future.