Mission, Philosophy and Core Values
Thứ sáu,06/05/2016

-Mission: Our mission is to provide an environment that brings forth positive influence, quality, happiness, love and holistic growth for our students. Besides English, students at Fisher’s SuperKids can grow in terms of character, confidence, and life skills, which serve as important stepping stones for their success in the future.

-Philosophy and core values: Fisher’s SuperKids was founded and exists today on the philosophy “A heart for teaching and a passion for learning”. The perfect combination of love for children, passion for education and pedagogical skills in each teacher and staff at Fisher’s SuperKids is a wonderful source of inspiration for students in studying English.




There are 6 core values that we fervently pursue:

Learn: Our students study English with all native English-speaking teachers from around the world. We have teachers coming from at least seven different countries, which offer students the opportunity to practice listening to and therefore understanding various accents. This allows our learners to become citizens on a global scale. Learning takes place logically through communication (listening and speaking) proceeding with reading and writing skills. Students are also taught grammar methodically with age-sensitive materials.

Play: This is an indispensable part of learning for young students, so here at SuperKids, “having fun” is used as a tool to achieve “learning” as an end goal. Students will be able to release their stored-up energy, develop creativity, and lighten stress from their heavy daily schedule through games, songs and enriching extra-curricular activities.

Grow: Holistic growth is a high priority here at Fisher’s SuperKids. Our soft skills department develops exciting activities in and out of the classroom to help students grow in confidence, team-building skills, and life skills. Students learn about helping the environment, treating each other kindly, creating art projects, and even acquiring skills important for daily life, such as tying shoes.




Care: Care is offered by the teachers and Vietnamese staff, in order to help each student at Fisher’s SuperKids feel special. This care is often shown through events such as birthdays, free tutoring, and grammar reviews, but it is present in every interaction at Fisher's SuperKids. Top students are acknowledged during every course in order to encourage and reward those who have been working hard in the classroom

Respect: Respect is given to all students at Fisher’s SuperKids. We focus on helping students recognize and display good behavior, through positive reinforcement and rewards. Students are taught how to behave well in class, as well as appropriate ways to treat other classmates and teachers in order to have a mutually respecting relationship.

Love: Teachers and staff always make our students more eager to come to class. Students receive love through high-fives, hugs, verbal affirmations, and other ways when they study here at Fisher’s SuperKids. Our center also knows that it is often better to give than to receive, so we organize charity events for students to spread love through visiting and giving to children with disabilities, orphans, and others in need.